As part of an ongoing process of skin rejuvenation, ProLift products support the medical procedure and its results, offering effective solutions to the improvement of skin texture, blurring of wrinkle visibility and achieving an instant lifting effect.

ProLift benefits:

  • instant tightening  and firming
  • reduction in muscle contractions and blurring of  wrinkle visibility
  • boost of collagen and elastin formation
  • optimal hydration
  • antioxidant activity
  • UVA/UVB protection


Day Cream SPF 30

Night Cream

Serum Expression
Line Reduction

Serum Quick Lift

Day Cream SPF 30

Restoring cream enriched with noutrients and moisturizers.

Corrects and rehabilitates the skin barrier, restores elasticity and leaves the skin revitalized and healthy looking.

Pentavitin - nutrients and moisturizers complex.

Smart Delivery System - Antiaging - innovative peptide encapsulated in a selective delivery system into fibroblasts, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

Nio-Active - powerful antioxidant complex in an advanced delivery system.

Night Cream

Repairing night cream enriched with moisturizers and nutrients that rehabilitate and repair the skin barrier.

Ensures active hydration, improves elasticity and restores a vital appearance to the skin.

Pentavitin - nutrients and moisturizers complex.

Crystalhyal - pure hyaluronic acid of botanical origin.

Phyto ceramidyl complex - ceramydes and essential fatty acids complex strengthen the skin barrier.

Nio-Active - antioxidants in a advanced delivery system.

Serum Expression Line Reduction

Topical treatment for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkle visibility. Helps blurs expression lines.

Smart Delivery System - Myocept – advanced peptide in a selective delivery system. Helps reduce muscle contractions and blurs visibility of wrinkles.

Nio Oligo – hyaluronic acid and hyaluronidaze inhibitors complex reduces depth of wrinkles.

Argilerine - peptide that reduces the release of acetylcholine and blurs expression lines.

Serum Quick Lift


Unique formula with tightening and firming properties. Makes the lifting effect visible within minutes.


Bio Polymer Complex - retracts and stretches the skin, resulting in a visible and tangible smoothing effect within just a few minutes.

Preservation of botulinum toxin injections results and

smoothing of fine expression lines




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