The Science Behind

Fully customized to medical treatments and covering all skin needs – for better results


Pre-medical procedures support

  • boosts cell regeneration processes
  • strengthens skin barrier
  • reduces severity of trauma
  • increases pain tolerance



  • calms  and instantly eases up adverse reactions
  • reduces possible risks and complications
  • rehabilitates the skin barrier
  • shortens post procedure recovery time
  • improves skin texture


Post-medical procedures support and results preservation

  • ensures long lasting results preservation
  • improves significantly overall skin appearance
  • guarantees maximum client satisfaction


Customized solutions supporting and enhancing

medical procedures results


Christina Clinical, specially designed for MDs, the fruit of a tight collaboration with specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine, is based on advanced technologies and innovative ingredients. It offers effective solutions to various skin manifestations and guarantees best results and maximum client satisfaction.


Christina Cosmeceuticals has specialized for the past 35 years in the development of professional products for the treatment of diverse skin conditions, with both proven and visible results in more than 50 countries.






Smart Delivery

Biomimetic Peptides


Double Layer

Broad Spectrum
SPF Agents

Green Chemistry

Smart Delivery Systems

An intelligent capsule, selectively vectorized, carries active ingredients into the target cell. This ”drone-type” technology ensures activity only where it is needed, leading to highly effective results. The capsule’s external membrane with its protein ligand links to a receptor in the target cell, and ensures the release of peptides that initiate various biological processes in the cell.


Biomimetic Peptides

Biomimetic peptides – the product of advanced bio technological processes. Made up of short chains of amino acids with enhanced penetration capabilities.  Due to their cell communicating ability they link to specific receptors and boost various biological cellular processes.


Encapsulation technology with delayed release of active ingredients increases their stability and resilience, preventing fracturing before the capsule reaches deeper layers in the skin, for enhanced efficacy in the target cell.

Double Layer Liposome

Double-layer liquid-filled bubbles made from phospholipids. The phosphate head of phospholipids is hydrophilic — it loves water, whereas the fatty-acid (lipids) are hydrophobic — they hate water.

Broad Spectrum SPF Agents

Photostable technologies enable active ingredients stability over time, cancelling the need for renewed application in order to achieve comprehensive protection against UVA radiation. Nano technology for the production of titanium dioxide microcolumns enables the application of an even layes onto skin and offers maximum protection against UVB rays.


Green Chemistry Features

- SLS Free

- Parabens Free

- Petrochemicals Free

- Propylene glycol Free

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